A Day in the Life of a Voice Over Artist

Ever wonder what a Voice Over actor’s typical day is like? Well, I’m sure any VO actor would tell you that there is nothing typical about their day. But I can say that most professional voice actors – if not all – work daily to perfect their craft. In the morning we wake up as a voice actor. We go about our day, as a voice actor. And we go to bed each night, as a voice actor.

We practice, practice, practice. We check our email, we submit auditions, we record for the clients that hired us for their project. And then we practice again! We take classes or private lessons from our coaches or attend a VO workshop. We work on our website or social media sites, and we practice again.

My goal, as a professional voice actor is to perfect my craft and provide each and every client with voice over work that makes their project the best it can be.

And that means my typical day as a voice actor includes practice, recording, writing and practicing again!

Remember – Let my voice be your voice!

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